Hayata Yamasaki

Researcher in the Field of Quantum Information Theory

I am an assistant professor at The University of Tokyo (2022–present).

My research is on the foundation of quantum mechanics, quantum information, quantum machine learning, quantum error correction, quantum resource theories, methods toward realizing quantum computers, and its applications.

Quantum machine learning with wide applicability

Developing a widely applicable framework of quantum machine learning as an application of exponential quantum speedup

Scalable fault-tolerant quantum computation with photonics

Putting forward architectures and protocols for low-overhead and scalable fault-tolerant quantum computation with photonic systems

Insight into entanglement and quantum resources

Seeking deeper insight into fundamental properties of quantum mechanics such as quantum entanglement, and finding their useful applications

Research topics

  • Quantum information theory

    • Foundation of quantum mechanics

    • Quantum resource theory, Entanglement theory

    • Quantum internet, Distributed quantum information processing

    • Benchmark of quantum devices

  • Quantum machine learning

    • Quantum algorithms achieving speedup in machine learning

    • Applications of machine-learning techniques to improve near-term quantum algorithms

  • Fault-tolerant quantum computation

    • Quantum error correction

    • Continuous-variable quantum computation, Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill code

    • Measurement-based quantum computation