Hayata Yamasaki

Researcher in the Field of Quantum Information Theory

My research is on quantum computation, quantum algorithms, quantum machine learning, computational complexity theory, numerical techniques for the analyses of quantum mechanics, computational architectures for building quantum computers, quantum error correction, quantum information theory, and their applications.

I work as an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo (2022-present) and also as a director (principal investigator) to lead the theory research team of Quantum Foundation and Innovation Center at Nanofiber Quantum Technologies (NanoQT), Inc (2024-present).

Insight into quantum resources and quantum mechanics

Developing numerical and analytical techniques for seeking deeper insight into fundamental properties of quantum mechanics

Low-overhead scalable fault-tolerant quantum computation

Proposing architectures and protocols for low-overhead and scalable fault-tolerant quantum computation

Quantum machine learning with wide applicability

Constructing widely applicable frameworks of quantum machine learning with exponential quantum speedup

Research topics

Quantum computation and quantum machine learning

Fault-tolerant quantum computation

Quantum information theory